ACEGAME.IO will be renewed based on MEVerse mainnet.

In game currency will be changed to MEV coin.

You can swap ACE coin to MEV coin by next process.



Send all of your ace coin to your own METAMASK wallet first.

ACE Unlock (Release)

  • If your ACE in wallet is locked, you must release ACE first.
  • Visit ACE Coin commit site (
  • Release all of your ACE then you can withdraw your ACE to METAMASK address.

Import ACE token to METAMASK

  • If your ACE is invisible at your METAMASK, you must import ACE token first.
  • Click import tokens button at your METAMASK and go to Custom Token menu.
  • Enter ACE and MEV information.
  • Token Symbol is ACE

  • Token Decimal is 6

  • Token Symbol is MEV

  • Token Decimal is 18


Send all of your ACE coin to


ACE ⇨ MEV swap address is

Alert : only METAMASK is available for this token swap. Never use another wallet.
if you send ACE except from METAMASK, all ACE will be lost and it cannot be recovered
ACE Entertainment is not responsible for any security incident such as METAMASK hacking, hijacking or fishing site.


After you submit all of your ACE coin, Swapped MEV will be delivered to your METAMASK by vesting schedule.

March 24 ~ March 30 Submit ACE to MEV token swap address
March 31 1st MEV deploy 35%
April 29 2nd MEV deploy 25%
May 31 3rd MEV deploy 20%
June 30 4th MEV deploy 10%
July 7 5th MEV deploy 10%
Send ACE to METAMASK first
Send ACE from METAMASK to MEV Swap contract address
ACE will be swapped by vesting plan


  • Never send your ACE to MEV swap contract address directly from ACE wallet, Dcoin wallet, Cashierest wallet, Chainbridge wallet or any other wallet.
  • Once ACE is swapped to MEV, it is impossible to restore to ACE again.
  • When you send ACE to MEV swap contract address after each vesting schedule, you can get MEV next month including previous vesting amount.
  • But July 6 is the last day that ACE can be submitted for this token swap. If you want to swap ACE to MEV after July 6, you must contact ACE support team.
    (ACE Team strongly recommend to submit your ACE before Mar 30)

Help link

METAMASK tutorial

ACE Official Telegram

ACE Support mail